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The BackBuilder is the perfect ancillary service when treating spinal decompression patients.

The BackBuilder Is....

  • Safe (Even your patients in their 80's can do it)
  • Effective (Studies show spinal strengthening can significantly reduce pain in up to 92% of patients with strengthening alone.
  • Portable (Move it room to room no problem)
  • Built to Last (Full warranty, solid steel construction)
  • Cost Effective (based on similar machines costing $15,000 (Lordex) to $80,000 (MedX)
  • Hands-Off (show patients how to use it... then they can set them selves up each time)
The results are gained from doing a full ROM in flexion to extension, 72 degrees max, using a count of 7 seconds each direction. The resistance travels the normal flex/ext. path using a generally submaximal load. 

At only 6 ft. long and 4 ft. wide this machine takes up little space and will be a dramatic profit generator per square foot.  


  • Solid State Steel Components
  • Counter Balanced Movement Arm
  • Highest Quality Hardware & Powder Coat Paint
  • Ergonomically Positioned Pelvic Cushion Back Roller & Handlebars
  • Easy-Arm™ Resistance Plate Peg
In a 1996 study conducted by Brian W. Nelson, Orthopedic Surgeon, 895 individuals who were suffering with chronic back pain, participated in a program.  Dr. Nelsons introduced aggressive spine strength training to the study group. Following the completion of a 12-month protocol, it was discovered that restoring spine strength alone could relieve pain and prevent the need for back surgery. More than 92% of the 895 participants experienced significant reduction or elimination of back pain altogether.
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Watch the BackBuilder in action: