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RenuvaDisc V200 Back Brace

$ 85.00

Extra Supportive and Extra Stability

The RenuvaDisc V200 is designed for a more severe, chronic type of patient who needs less mobility and more support and stabilization. The built in rigid supports are going to decrease motion in the discs and spine, limit movement, and provide stability. This brace would benefit an acute, severe pain patient who is looking to provide support for 1-2 months after injury so the body can heal.

Built-in Ice Pack

RenuvaDisc’s supportive brace with built in Ice Pack are specially engineered to stabilize and support the spine, keep pressure off of discs to promote healing while providing ice right where it’s needed most. Ice will help decrease inflammation and provide temporary pain relief while the body heals. 


TheRenuvaDisc V200 can be worn semi-discreetly under your clothes.

Recommended for major instability requiring anterior, posterior and lateral support. Stability technology provides mechanical advantage tensioning for superior support with minimal effort. RenuvaDisc V200 system allows use throughout a spinal decompression program from rigid post-decompression support to comfortable daily living compressive support.

PDAC Verified to L0637

Built In Ice Packs

Spinal decompression patients generally benefit from both a back brace and ice after a treatment.  Don't waste staff and space icing patients in your office.  Keep frozen ice packs in the office and trade them out with patients as they are leaving so that patients can get off the decompression table, tighten up their back brace and ride home with 20 minutes of ice to calm down inflammation and prevent post treatment soreness.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS??? NO PROBLEM!  Go to http://decompressionpros.com/back-braces/ to learn more