RenuvaDisc V100 Back Brace

RenuvaDisc V100 Back Brace

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Light Weight, Low Profile

Designed to be light weight and low profile without compromising form and function.  This brace is most beneficial for patients who need more function and mobility with mild to moderate support.  Great for more active patients, athletes and patients with MILD to MODERATE amounts of pain and dysfunction. 

Natural Movement

RenuvaDisc V100 is designed to articulate perfectly around the body, allowing you to move naturally while supporting the discs and spine allowing the body to heal.


Performance stretch fabric supports your lower back and stays firmly in place while standing, bending, sitting, or lying down. Comes with a hot/cold therapy pack.


The RenuvaDisc V100 is low profile, less restrictive and can be worn discretely under your clothes. The Easy to use pulley system and pull tabs make it easy to achieve optimal compression.

Built In Ice Packs

Spinal decompression patients generally benefit from both a back brace and ice after a treatment.  Don't waste staff and space icing patients in your office.  Keep frozen ice packs in the office and trade them out with patients as they are leaving so that patients can get off the decompression table, tighten up their back brace and ride home with 20 minutes of ice to calm down inflammation and prevent post treatment soreness.

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