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Decompression Technique

$ 499.00

  • Our Comprehensive Training includes the following:

    • Library of videos instructing on technique, set up and protocols
    • 6 months of Free Support—Call our support hotline with your toughest cases
    • Ongoing seminars keeping you up to date as new research and techniques are developed
    • Customized research library includes all the latest research findings
    • Videos, animations and News Clips with latest news stories
  • All of this has lead to us devoting our undivided attention to developing a proven program that:
    • Removes the human element out of spinal decompression
    • Systematized decompression technique
    • Can be easily replicated by any staff
    • Can be Incorporated by any clinic
    • Can be used on ANY decompression table
    • Ensures the EVERY Patient has the best chance at success EVERY time

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS??? NO PROBLEM!  Go to http://decompressionpros.com/decompression-technique/ to learn more