Protocol Booklet

$ 199.00

This Booklet is designed to give patients a roadmap for their entire care plan. We noticed that patients can have lots of questions about the care they are going to receive. "Will I be sore? What vitamins should I be taking? What about back bracing? What activities am I allowed to do while doing spinal decompression? What about stretching and rehab?" We decided to do a booklet that is broken down into weeks as to exactly what patients should be doing and taking to ensure the best, most long lasting results. This step by step guide is branded and customizable for your clinic and can be given to patients when they begin care. It contains everything from bracing to supplements to exercises. It gives them a series of rehab exercises with pictures and detailed descriptions so that patients can perform their rehab at home on a long term basis. Customize it to fit with the supplements and rehab exercises you prefer. Patients can simply open to the week they are on and know exactly how many decompression treatments they should be doing, what supplements they should be taking, and what stretches and strengthening they should be doing.