BaxMAX Back Brace

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Take Your Spinal Decompression Results to the Next Level by adding Back Braces for Your Disc Related Conditions


Small - 25" - 30"
Medium - 30" - 35"
Large - 35" - 40"
XLarge - 40" - 45"
XXLarge - 45" - 50

Includes Hot/Cold Packs and Stabilizers


What's the difference between the BaxMAX and any other back support?

The BaxMAX has unique features that make it "The ULTIMATE Back Support", beginning with the 5:1 compound pulley system between the the two halves of the belt. The pulley allows for a mechanical advantage over elastic or multi-pull back supports, so the BaxMAX is able to get much tighter! The BaxMAX is also made of a breathable mesh, making it the lightest and most comfortable back support on the market.

Does it work for everyone?

No, but it does work for most people. The BaxMAX is designed to help people who's pain is caused by lumbar compression. The easiest way to determine if lumbar compression is causing your pain is to see if your pain increases after standing or sitting for long periods and decreases if you take the force of gravity away from the lumbar (for example lying down horizontally). If this occurs for you, then the BaxMAX is very likely to give you significant relief from lower back pain.

How does it take my back pain away?

Under normal circumstances, the forces of gravity compress the lumbar spine with the weight of the upper body. If there are irregularities in the lumbar spine area, such as disc herniation, degeneration, bulged, sciatica, arthritis, etc. this compression effect can make the pain worse than the irregularity itself. By taking upper body wight away from the compromised area, thus reducing the amount of compression that is occurring, natural pain relief will occur.

Is it recommended by Doctors?

Yes, absolutely! The BaxMAX is used by thousands of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and orthopedic physicians around the world. Because of its lightweight design and powerful compound pulley system, the BaxMAX is preferred over many other orthopedic back supports. It is also covered by many insurances for either reimbursement, or direct billing from your physician. If you would like a referral to a Chiropractor in your area who stocks the BaxMAX, please contact us and we'll help you find someone.

Will I get hot and sweaty while wearing it?

Generally not - especially as compared to an elastic back brace. The BaxMAX is made of a thin breathable mesh and is very comfortable to wear while working - even in extreme heat!

What's the warranty?

5 year replacement warranty which is void for any of the following conditions upon inspection of the BaxMAX:

  • Cuts made to repelling cord or nylon
  • Melting of any materials on the product
  • Physical damage to velcro caused by neglect such as oil, gas, or other solvents
  • Any uses other than whats intended

Can I wash it?

Yes. We recommend that you hand wash in warm water and towel off or air dry. Please don't machine wash!

Can I wear it under my clothes?

Yes. It is thin enough to be comfortably worn under clothing, however we do recommend wearing it between outer and underclothes.

How do I get a replacement if I have a warranty claim?

Warranty claims can be made by contacting our customer service department. We will issue you a RMA number and return shipping instructions. You will need to include a copy of your original sales receipt along with your defective product. Warranties will only be honored with an accompanying proof of purchase.

Does it really "Unload" body weight from the lumbar spine?

Yes. When the BaxMAX pulley is tightened, it distributes upper body weight away from the spine to the outer most regions of the waist and hips. This body weight "unloading" effect is why the BaxMAX works for so many people and helps them relieve lumbar stress and pain.

Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

We don't recommend the BaxMAX for anyone who is pregnant, has gastrointestinal conditions, vascular (circulation) disorders, abdominal or inguinal hernia. If you are concerned about whether or not your medical condition could be negatively impacted by the use of this product, we recommend that you consult your physician even in extreme heat!