3Decompression- Patient Education

$ 499.00

 The world’d most comprehensive spinal decompression education system.  Some of the country’s most renowned animators and educators have created features such as

  • An comprehensive 3D library showing extensive detail, animations, and descriptions of most back and neck conditions
  • The ability to quickly and easily draw on the animation to show special emphasis
  • Printable and emailable images and descriptions will ensure patient education, understanding and follow through
  • 3D images and animations showing the long term effects of leaving certain conditions untreated
  • 3 D animations showing showing patients exactly how spinal decompression works, why it works and why it is a long term success for many patients
  • Quickly and Easily give them a custom rehab program to ensure long lasting results 
  • Take home educational materials can help to educate spouses that couldn’t attaend the consultation

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