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2.0 Elite Marketing Program

$ 3,995.00

One of the most comprehensive spinal decompression marketing programs on the planet!

  • All marketing materials customized for your clinic
  • One time fee — Use all the materials whenever and however you want
  • No monthly or ongoing fees

Included but not limited to

  • 5+ Advertorial newspaper ads
  • 5 + Newspaper Display ads
  • 12 Page Free Report on Spinal Decompression
  • 4 Page Herniated Disc Free Report
  • 4 Page Degenerated Disc Free Report
  • Postcards
  • In Office Posters
  • Doctor Consultation Videos and Trainings
  • 44 Pages of Front Desk Scripts, Videos, Trainings, Checklists and more
  • 5 Customized Decompression Research Pieces
  • Medical Doctor Referral Packet
  • Lawyer Referral Packet
  • 10 Email Follow Up Sequence
  • Patient Protocol Booklet to Ensure the Best Spinal Decompression Results
  • Business Cards, Stationary, Registration Forms, Consent Forms, Envelopes etc..
  • 4 Press Releases
  • Customized Clinic Brochure
  • Much, Much more......

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS??? NO PROBLEM!  Go to http://decompressionpros.com/services#getting_started to learn more.