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Auto Responder Campaign

$ 499.00

Patients don't simply see a newspaper ad or go to a website and then simply pick up the phone and call anymore.  They want to learn more.  They need to be "warmed up" through free reports, follow up emails, research, patient testimonials and more.  The best way to do this is to collect the patients email addresses and continually email them high quality, educational information that turns a mildy interested, warm lead into a highly qualified lead that calls your clinic and is ready to schedule an appointment.  
Things happen.  Patients are busier than ever.  Kids get sick.  Work gets crazy.  Patients pain levels go up and down.  Patients may not be ready to schedule today but may be ready a month from now or even 6 months from now.  Getting their email address through our beautiful, highly educational free report and staying in front of them with our professionally written, automated follow up email campaign will ensure more patients, higher quality patients, and more profits in the end.  And best of all we can automate this process for you to decrease your expenses, your time and your staff.  Stop the marketing migraines today by letting us automate this process for you."