Disc Herniation Reduction Research

Disc Herniation Reduction Research

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This customized, full color, 2-page research article shows the latest research on disc herniations and spinal decompression effectiveness.  It demonstrates how spinal decompression can create a reduction in the size of a disc herniations through negative pressure generated with spinal decompression.

All research articles include

  • Testimonials specific to the research article itself
  • Graphs, charts and easy to read pie charts demonstrating effectiveness
  • The full research article included inside
  • A shortened, abbreviated version on the highlights of the research article for easy referencing
  • Customized, full colored, clean, easy to follow graphics and content

These come ready to mail or hand out to prospective patients.  Convert even the toughest of patients with proven research, patient testimonials and all the latest research finding on spinal decompression.