Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Technique (FMST) Toolkit

$ 599.00

FMST (Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Technique) tools are the soft tissue mobilization tools that can take myo-fascial manipulation and mobilization to the next level in your practice. These easy-to-clean, ambidextrous tools will make soft tissue work faster and more effective for thousands less than it’s competitors.


  • 5 Tools in 1 to prevent inefficient tool switching
  • Sturdy, unique metal injected plastic material
  • Perfect weight and superior durability
  • Custom molded non-slip thumb grip generates maximum force
  • Soft but aggressive treatment edge
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Bi lateral usage on both sides and on every surface
  • Easy to Clean

These tools will help you:

  • Reduce scar tissue from old injuries/surgeries
  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase joint and muscle flexibility

These two tools come complete with

  • Angles, curves, and lengths to treat ALL areas of the body
  • Unique metal injected plastic material for superior weight and durability
  • Custom molded non-slip thumb grip to create maximum angular pressure without over use by the practitioner
  • Soft but aggressive treatment edge to work fascial adhesions, post surgical scarring and muscle injuries.