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Lumbar Model - Hybrid Split

$ 285.00

The Hybrid Split Lumbar Model was designed with the busy doctor in mind, allowing a side by side comparison of normal and degeneration. With a midsagittally cut hybrid split lumbar vertebra and disc, dynamically demonstrate many comparative features to allow patients to understand quickly and efficiently. This is a marrying of the Professional LxH Lumbar Model and theStenosis/Degenerative Lumbar Model with the added features of degenerative innervation.

Details included on the Stenosis Degenerative Half:
  • Reduced disc height (20 degrees annular fibre angle)
  • Thicker annular wall
  • View lateral window into disc innervation
  • Innervation deep into the disc as far reaching as the nucleus
  • Multiple annular inner fissures
  • Kidney shaped posterior inner annulus
  • Disc bulge encroaching into lateral recess
  • Red facet arthropathy without blue hyaline…palpable difference to contralateral smooth facets
  • Vertebral body height loss with osteophytes
  • Simulated calcified endplate pores
  • Endplate fracture
  • Narrowed spinal canal
Details included on the Professional LxH Half:
  • Good disc height
  • View lateral window to show outer innervated annulus
  • 30 degree anular fibres from the horizontal and an additional exposed layer showing -30 degrees in the next inner layer
  • Annular innervation (minimal penetration into nucleus…significant contralateral comparison)
  • One radial annular fissure to match up with the herniating nucleus under load
  • Cancellous bone
  • Polished facets and blue painted hyaline