Medical Doctor Referral Packet

Medical Doctor Referral Packet

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This packet comes ready to print and give to medical doctors. It is customized, branded, professional and has everything Medicals Doctors will want to see including research, a customized letter, DVD, patients testimonials and your business card. If you tried to do this yourself you would pay a graphic designer $3,000 to do something similar. The professionalism of this packet will promote your clinic as the "Go to" clinic in your area.

Includes the following

1) Customized Clinic brochure telling them exactly what you do

2) Professionally written cover letter telling them exactly what they want to hear

3) 2 customized research pieces promoting the effectiveness of spinal decompression

4) Front and back testimonial template

5) Business card

6) DVD cover

7) Pocket folder to hold everything neatly