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Rebuilder 2407

$ 950.00

Description and Contents Included
  • The ReBuilder® 2407 Electronic Stimulator
  • Set of adhesive signal pads
  • Twin Footbaths
  • ReBuilder® Electrolyte
  • 2 non-adhesive pads for use with the Footbath
  • Lead Wires
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Ongoing Support

Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by many things such as poor blood flow, prescription medicines, trauma, and environmental toxins. No matter what the cause, the ReBuilder may be able to reduce your symptoms, stop the progression of the disease, and in some cases, even reverse peripheral neuropathy.
The ReBuilder can eliminate the pain in your feet and legs from neuropathy, or your hands and arms, including (but not limited to) neuropathy from chemotherapy, peripheral vascular disease, trauma to the lower back, piriformis syndrome, and diabetes.

The ReBuilder delivers an electronic signal that travels from one foot, up that leg, across your back, down the other leg, and to the other foot. The delivery of this signal helps improve the communication from one nerve to the next resulting in the reduction, and often the elimination, of the pain and other symptoms you are experiencing. It will also improve circulatory response and oxygenation in the treatment area.

The ReBuilder has been in production for 27 years, prescribed by over 12,000 physicians and used by over 300,000 patients successfully. It is made in the US, in an FDA accredited facility, by US citizens. The ReBuilder has spawned a succession of substandard “me too” imitations made in China that have come and gone over the years, simply because they cannot do what the ReBuilder does. Always have your physician prescribe “Brand Specific” ReBuilder products and accept no imitations or generic substitutes.

Proven Up to 95% effective for relief of painful symptoms of neuropathy, MS, RSD, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain.


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS???  No Problem!  Go to http://decompressionpros.com/rebuilder/ to learn more.