RenuvaLaze III Class 3 Laser

RenuvaLaze III Class 3 Laser

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Features Include the following:
  • Battery Operated — Includes a Charging Unit, no wires to trip on, and it’s small and lightweight.
  • 99 Pre Programmed Protocols — No need to look up or remember codes. They are already programmed in.
  • Easy to Use Digital Display — Simply scroll down to the condition and press select.
  • 100% Portable — Take it to a game, seminar, on vacation or to work.
  • Durable Case for Safe transport
  • Perfect for a clinical setting or Homecare — Rent it or sell it to patients; It.s Safe and Easy to Operate!
  • Effective — 30 years of research will ensure maximum patient effectiveness
  • Affordable — At only $1,999 you are going to want one for every room in the office.

The RenuvaLaze III is a class 3a/3b laser with (2) visible laser diodes for pain and inflammation an an invisible near infrared diode for soothing and warming effect upon tissues and deeper penetration.

The RenuvaLaze III has

  • (3) Three Laser Diodes
    • Two (2) Visible Low Level Laser Diodes @ 635nm (red light) @ 7.5mw power
    • One (1) Near Infrared Diode @ 830nm (invisible light) @ 20mw power
  • Ninety-nine (99) Pre-programmed Treatment Protocol Codes
  • One (1) User Code for programming in your own frequencies

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