Stenosis Model

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A carefully crafted stenosis model L4-5 with natural degenerative details. Now one model can demonstrate many different and important anatomical details to help deliver the treating doctor’s message including: central and lateral stenosis with a thickened ligamentum flavum,  paracentral disc bulge, mild through severe facet arthropathy, subchondral sclerosis, IVF narrowing, and degenerated disc with a significantly reduced disc height. By manually squeezing the spinouses together, dynamic extension demonstrates furthering stenosis while model flexion increases canal space. Very helpful in the explanation of symptoms and respective therapeutic strategies. Stenosis patients often experience symptoms standing or walking and will be relieved of them with sitting. Strategies around therapy can be explored and explained clearly with the goals of increasing anterior-posterior spinal canal diameter. Never before anatomical degenerative details have been seen in a model.