Sound Wave Therapy

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Non-Invasive, Cutting Edge, Almost No Side Effects

The Miracle Wave ™ is a cutting-edge treatment solution which utilizes sound waves (or acoustic pulses) to initiate a healing effect within the body. 

Similar to the technology of Shock Wave Therapy (also known as ESWT), our innovative equipment utilizes the science of these sound waves (i.e. Acoustic Wave Therapy, or AWT) to help repair, restore & rejuvenate muscle tissue.

Sound waves can be used to treat a broad spectrum of health conditions including but not limited to 

  • Poor Circulation
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Scar Tissue
  • Chronic Injuries that Haven’t Responded to Other Therapies

Is It Invasive?

With the help of non-invasive sound wave treatment there are little to no side effects and no downtime. This means patients are able to quickly resume their daily activities and lifestyle.

Is It New?

Not at all.  Other countries have known about the dramatic effects of Sound Wave Therapy for years.  This equipment is very popular in Europe, Canada and Middle East.  It is just recently becoming the gold standard for chronic conditions here in the USA for conditions that haven’t responded to other forms of therapy here in the USA. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is The Miracle Wave™ technology?
    The Miracle Wave™ is a new, non-invasive treatment solution that uses high-intensity sound waves (or acoustic pulses) which interact with damaged or inflamed tissues of the body.

  2. What does The Miracle Wave™ do?
    The Miracle Wave™ helps stimulate the body’s natural, self-healing process by:
    – temporarily increasing local blood circulation
    – relieving minor muscle aches and pains
    – raising the body’s pain threshold

    Additionally, our technology is designed to expedite recovery from most damaged tissue injuries without the use of anesthesia and prescription drugs in order to endure treatment.

  3. What are some of the benefits and effects of The Miracle Wave™?
    Many physicians who utilize The Miracle Wave™ therapy on their patients have reported post-treatment results such as:
    – relaxation of muscle and connective tissue
    – improved microcirculation
    – noticeably elevated stimulation across the injured area
    – acceleration of metabolic activity
    – heightened neurovascular performance
    – increased serotonin hormone release
    – significant stress reduction as a result of lowered cortisol levels
    – overall revitalization, following a patient’s completed course of treatment

  4. Is The Miracle Wave™ treatment similar to ultrasound therapy?
    Ultrasound therapy is comprised of one continuous wave with a frequency range of 0.75–3 MHz, which is used to promote deep healing within the damaged soft tissues of the body.

    The Miracle Wave™, however, consists of several continuous sound waves (or acoustic pulses) which have high amplitude, are very short in length and place negative tension on the body’s tissues.

  5. How does The Miracle Wave™ differ from laser treatment?
    Laser therapy is a type of treatment that uses intense beams of light. The Miracle Wave ™ therapy uses sound waves (or acoustic pulses) instead, which are pressure waves similar in nature to thunder and lightning or an airplane breaking the sound barrier.

  6. Which ailments can The Miracle Wave™ help treat?
    The Miracle Wave™ may aid in the treatment of acute, chronic or painful soft tissue lesions of the musculoskeletal system including:
    – trigger points in muscles
    – shoulder pain
    – backaches
    – injuries associated with the heel, knee or elbow areas

  7. Where should The Miracle Wave™ not be used?
    The Miracle Wave™ is not recommended as an alternative solution to/treatment for the following cases:
    – coagulation disorders (Hemophilia)
    – use of anticoagulants, especially Marcumar
    – thrombosis
    – tumor diseases
    – patients diagnosed with any form of carcinoma
    – pregnant women
    – children with growth plate disorders
    – cortisone therapy (up to 6 weeks before to a patient’s first treatment)

    Generally speaking, The Miracle Wave™ should not be applied to target areas located above air-filled tissue such as the lungs, large nerves, vessels, the spinal column or the head.

  8. What are the possible side effects of treatment with the use of  The Miracle Wave™?
    Patients who have recently undergone The Miracle Wave™ treatment have reported no major side effects. Occasionally some swelling, reddening, hematomas, petechiae, localized increased pain, or skin lesions (in cases of receiving cortisone therapy prior to The Miracle Wave™ treatment) have been documented but are rare.

    While such reported side effects generally diminish within 2-5 days, healthcare providers using The Miracle Wave™ are strongly encouraged to ensure that adverse reactions of any sort have dissolved before resuming each patient’s next round of therapy.

  9. How soon can someone see results from The Miracle Wave™ therapy?
    Almost immediately upon receiving treatment, many patients may notice improvements such as:
    – reduction in pain
    – increased mobility

    These results may generally last for 5-8 days but some slight discomfort could, in some cases, return prior to a patient’s next scheduled treatment. Most patients, however, could become free of discomfort over the following 2-3 weeks, when the body’s natural healing process begins to take place.

  10. How long is each treatment session of The Miracle Wave™?
    While treatment times may vary from patient to patient based on his or her condition(s), typically 1,500-3,000 impulses are administered per session (which lasts approximately 5-10 minutes).

  11. What is the general treatment protocol for The Miracle Wave™?
    As previously mentioned, treatment protocols can depend on each patient’s diagnosis and/or severity of reported pain. This means treatments can vary in the number of impulses administered as well as the intensity of those impulses.

    Most conditions can be significantly improved within just 3 to 5 sessions of  The Miracle Wave™ therapy spaced at weekly intervals. In certain cases involving more severe injuries additional treatments may be required, but shouldn’t pose any hindrance on patients’ regular routines (because treatments are quickly and easily performed on an outpatient basis, without sedation).

  12. Which transmitter tip of  The Miracle Wave™ device is used for which injured area of the body?
    The Miracle Wave™ C15 CERAMAX transmitter tip is commonly used for tendons, ligaments, bone, joints, extremely painful areas and tense or defined injuries located close to bone.

    The Miracle Wave™ D20 & D35 D-ACTOR transmitter tips are used for trigger point therapy
on large muscles and connective tissue areas.

  13. Does The Miracle Wave™ technology work effectively for all musculoskeletal or pain condition(s)?
    On average, healthcare providers currently using The Miracle Wave™ at their practices have reported an approximate 75% rate of complete recovery among their patients. There is, however, no single method of treatment that is entirely successful in every case.--