Stop Overselling Your Decompression Program

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Have you considered that in your eagerness to fill your clinic with spinal decompression patients that you may actually be pushing potential customers away? One of the easiest ways to push prospective patients away is overselling. Overselling often communicates desperation and a desperate practitioner does little to instill confidence in prospects. This post reviews ways you can stop overselling, present your self in a more confident and trustworthy manner and add more patients to your client list. Schedule Consultation During Busy Practice Hours When consumers are shopping, nothing is less impressive that an empty store and an empty parking lot. Their first reaction is, “What’s wrong with this place? Why isn’t anybody shopping here?” Their first impression is negative and, if they even bother to enter the store, their approach is already guarded and cautious. The same is true of spinal decompression clinics. Prospective patients are shopping; they’re checking you out and sizing you up. If they enter an empty clinic, their reaction will not be favorable. On the other hand, if they arrive to a full waiting room and a bustle of activity, their impression is that something good must be occurring here. Do your best to make a positive first impression by scheduling initial consultations during peak hours. Qualify Patients Letting patients know that they must qualify for your program creates a sense of scarcity, a sense that not everyone is a candidate and that you don’t accept anyone and everyone who walks in the door. Let them know that if they do qualify, you will determine if and when you can accept them into the program based on your current schedule. And do let them know that you hope they do qualify because spinal decompression treatments have helped so many others like them. We call this approach as creating “scarcity,” a way of creating desirability and attraction. As a result of being scare, human nature invariable dictates that enrollment in your program is desirable, because people naturally want what many others have and they can’t have. If it sounds like playing hard to get to woo the favors of someone, that’s exactly what it is—and it works. Let Others Do the Selling You have a lot of other resources at your disposal that can sell for you and won’t put prospects on guard, won’t put them off and won’t scare them away. Patient testimonials, particularly from a current patient face-to-face with a prospective patient are powerful persuaders. In our experience, there are an abundance of grateful patients who are more than satisfied with their treatment results and are more than happy to share their experience with others. Try working a “live testimonial” into your initial consultations and observe the results for yourself. Research sells. It’s unbiased, factual and well respected and conducted by experts. Let the results speak for themselves. Of course the average patient doesn’t have the background to read and interpret clinical studies, so have a staff member provide the patient with an easily reviewed and understood summary of study results. So stop pushing business away and start attracting more patients by incorporating some fundamental ways to create a desire to enroll in your program and watch your profits grow. Is overselling hurting your practice? For more tips and resources on effectively marketing your spinal decompression practice, take a look at our comprehensive list of proven marketing tools, customized to your clinic here:

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