Dirt Cheap Ways to Promote a Decompression Practice

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If you've ever struggled with ideas to promote your spinal decompression practice, you're not alone. Here are a few ideas that can distinguish your practice from the competition, help your website rank higher on Internet searches and foster excitement among staff patients and prospective clients. Try online news releases. Online news releases put your name in front of customers because they regularly appear on search engines. They can get your name to the very top of a Google page, which will enable potential customers find you faster. Have you ever noticed that when you are searching for a product or business online, typically the higher-ranking links correspond to recent news, promotions, and press releases for recent events? These releases consistently rank higher and faster than more mundane posts that require 6 to12 months before achieving a high-ranking status. What’s Newsworthy? No matter how long your spinal decompression practice has been in business, how many employees you have, how successful you are or who many patients you are treating, your business makes news regularly. You can turn any piece of news into an online asset to help you increase awareness, attract more customers and win more business. Think about everything you do and have done. You started your company; that’s news for a “Grand Opening.” Perhaps you recently purchased new technology, a new spinal decompression table, a new cold laser, or a new nutritional product. Maybe you’ve added a new service offering such as massage therapy or a new technique.  A new employee, an update website or relocation are all news worthy. Such events represent opportunities to create a buzz about your practice. So spread the word, get excited about it and get your story out there with an online news release. Here are some other news worthy events that can help you grow your practice: Tell Everyone About Your Latest Accomplishment or Award. The next time you win an award, get an advanced degree, certificate or have a major treatment breakthrough, let the world know about it.  Did you recently achieve certification in a new technique or attend a seminar in which you learned something that could help more patients? You could even publicize an award for one of your products or techniques.   Maybe you sell a nutritional product that just got great reviews or won an award.  That means you’re selling award-winning products.  Let people know about it. An online news release can launch your story broadly and connect with many people, including journalists who will provide even more news coverage at no cost to you and customers looking for a well reviewed, credible spinal decompression clinic. Share an inspirational story. Readers love to hear about people going the extra mile, overcoming adversity, and becoming successful–and the publicity can generate interest. One idea is to spotlight a patient success story. You could highlight personal accomplishments such as riding a horse for the first time in 3 months after the spinal decompression treatments. It doesn’t necessarily have to be business related. You could highlight a patient who recently accomplished something personally important and inspirational to others—a patient who hiked a difficult trail, participated in a tri-athalon, or received a community service award.  That patient will be flattered and other patients love to hear about the success of one of “YOUR” patients. Offer Useful, Free Educational Resources. Educate the public about your latest techniques, events, products and services. Provide the information with the sole purpose of educating and NOT selling. Education builds patient trust and personal credibility. It helps others to feel comfortable with you and your medical capabilities and encourages them to engage your practice through a consultation.   Examples include sharing a recent article that you recently read concerning poor posture associated with texting or playing video games. Celebrate a Successful Event An upcoming even is always a good reason for publicity to promote attendance.  But it’s equally important to talk about the success of the event.  Recapping an event’s success offers a brand new story angle at no extra legwork.  How many people showed up?  What did people learn? What did people say about the event?  You can even publish testimonials from attendees.  Let the world know. Use these ideas to promote your business.  Promoting your business is fun, energizing and adds life to the staff, the business and your existing patient database. How are you promoting your practice? For a variety of effective marketing tools visit here.

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