5 MORE Dirt Cheap Ways to Promote Decompression

Posted on 10 Oct 03:22
Running out of ideas for promoting your practice? Every spinal decompression practice has newsworthy information to share. Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways you can promote your practice. 1)There are tons of myths that relate to spinal decompression.  Debunking a myth or providing your opinion on a controversial topic gains people’s attention. These topics, for example, represent common questions: Are Spinal Decompression and Traction the same?  Will Spinal Decompression make me taller?  Does everyone lose height as they age or can I do something about it? 2)Promote a charitable cause. Use your business as a way to help a cause for which you are passionate.  If you’re not involved with a particular cause, support a patient who is very passionate about a cause.  The positive media coverage will connect you and your business with the many consumers who also believe in the cause.  For example, offering a Free Consultation and X-rays when a patient donates 5 cans of food for a nearby homeless shelter can promote good will and attract more customers. 3)Broadcast your upcoming holiday event. Christmas, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, or even weird holidays such as Chinese New Year can ALL be cause for celebration.  Any holiday can be a day of celebration and promotion. 4)Share new spinal decompression research findings. Everyone loves research.  News people love to quote them.  Patients love to learn about research that supports their participation in therapy.  And patients love to share their success and the supportive research. They are likely to do so via word of mouth, social media such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Word travels fast. 5)Provide helpful tips, advice and educational information on spinal decompression. Leverage your spinal decompression knowledge; publishing a few helpful tips can convert an Internet shopper to a patient. Blog or publish press releases concerning the newest back braces, new and improved supplements related to disc rehydration or exercises shown to strengthen the low back and core.  Every spinal decompression practice has something that is newsworthy.  Get creative and get promoting and you will see an increase in patients following your services. How well is your marketing strategy working? If you need guidance on how to develop an effective marketing strategy that grows your business or any other marketing questions, just email us at support@decompressionpros.com and we can point you in the right direction.