Run a Successful Spinal Decompression Practice: The Front Desk Matters!

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Think back to the last time YOU were at a doctor’s office. Not your own, but someone else’s. Or maybe think about the last time you went to the dentist’s.  What was the very first thing you saw when you walked in the room? This will likely take some remembering since most of us don’t spend a lot of time actively thinking about that kind of question, but do some digging and you’ll likely come up with a memory of a front desk. Now think about that front desk. What was memorable about it? Was it the receptionist’s friendly smile? Was the organization? Was it the aesthetics of the front desk set-up? Hopefully it was all of those things because if it wasn’t, that office wasn’t likely to see a lot of business. The truth is that the front desk matters a great deal when it comes to running a successful spinal decompression practice.  What happens in the consultation rooms and with the patients is extremely important—quality of care is the single biggest factor when it comes to patients deciding to return for more treatment—but the front desk is the first impression and the center of organization for your office. If it isn’t in good shape, that will affect the rest of your spinal decompression practice. So let’s take a look at the individual elements of a successful front desk: 1)      Friendly receptionist. There are few things that do more to set someone at ease than a friendly smile.  Additionally, you want to make sure that your receptionist is approachable and the kind of person who can multitask and answer questions efficiently. 2)      Organization. The front desk is at the heart of organization for you spinal decompression practice. First, it needs to be organized so you can schedule patients efficiently. But it also needs to be well-organized so you can find patient records quickly and so that you or your receptionist can answer questions easily. Don’t be sloppy about organizing! It can make or break your practice. 3)      Aesthetics. The look of your front desk is also important. Again, this has a lot to do with setting your patients at ease. They need to be able to come in and see that your practice is a place they can be comfortable. How do you make sure that your front desk provides a stellar first impression? Are you ready to see your spinal decompression practice take off? If so, sign-up for our FREE 30-day trial of the first module of our Decompression Pros Practice Management System 2.0 and discover the secrets of 7-figure spinal decompression clinics.

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