Spinal Decompression Marketing Tips: Newspaper Ad Dos and Don'ts

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Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” And it’s true. Advertising can take any small business—even spinal decompression  practices—and make it bigger, but it has to be the right kind of advertising. Spinal decompression practices  actually have more choices than ever when it comes to advertising. Social media, email, direct mail and phone books are all popular choices. However, there is one standby that is both cost-effective and brings in new patients: newspaper ads. So how can you take your newspaper ad and make sure it’s the “right kind” or advertising for your spinal decompression marketing plan? Remember these Do’s and Don’ts. Don’t . . .
  • Go too long between ads. People need a lot of frequency for your brand and message to stick.
  • Choose negative visuals. Focus on what people will get from you.
  • Use meaningless copy.  Every word counts in a newspaper ad so choose them wisely
  • Be afraid to take up some space. Big, full color ads are expensive but sometimes they are the right thing. Try mixing larger ads and smaller ads to really reach your audience.
  • Fail to interest the reader. Most people only look at a newspaper ad for about 2 seconds with most of that time being spent looking at the graphics. Keep them interested so they’ll keep their eyes on your ad long enough to be influenced.
Do. . .
  • Be sure you are reaching out to your targeted marketing demographic. Never forget who you are selling to and why!
  • Consider hiring a professional to design the ad. You’re good at spinal decompression; they’re good at advertising. Let them do their thing so you can do more of yours!
  • Have a clear message. Remember exactly what you are selling and to whom you are selling it. Don’t send mixed messages.
  • Be positive and active. Show people feeling good and experiencing healing. Show readers that what they want can be found with you.
  • Gather all the data you can. Some marketers refer to this as the “track and test” pattern. You should always be tracking your numbers and always testing out whether your ads are working or not.
Newspaper ads can do a lot for your spinal decompression marketing, but only if you do it right! What tips do you have for creating amazing and powerful newspaper ads? Are you ready to see your spinal decompression practice take off? If so, sign-up for our FREE 30-day trial of the first module of our Decompression Pros Practice Management System 2.0 and discover the secrets of 7-figure spinal decompression clinics.

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