Enroll MORE Patients: Decompression Posters in the Consultations Room

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As doctors we don’t always think of our chiropractic and decompression clinics in regular business terms. After all, we call them patients not customers. We are doctors; not entrepreneurs. But, in truth, your patients ARE your customers and you are a doctor AND an entrepreneur.  To make your clinic truly profitable you need to think about your clinic in business terms. So if your goal is to enroll more spinal decompression patients than what you actually need to think about is how to attract more qualified leads. Qualified leads are simply prospective customers (or, in your case, patients) who are a good fit for your business (or practice) and are ready to buy. One simple way to help attract more qualified leads is to have some great decompression posters in your waiting areas and consultation rooms.These posters can have a variety of effects on the patients and uses for you:
  • They can be useful to you as you explain procedures.
  • They make it easier for you to explain the benefits of treatment and how it affects the patient’s body.
  • They make it easier for the patient to ask questions; often patients have walked by the decompression table 50 times and never even noticed.
  • They make it easier for the patients to get educated;- many patients are shy or feel awkward about asking about other services or simply “had no idea you do spinal decompression.”
  • They create a concrete mental association between your patient and you when it comes to finding pain relief.
Let’s talk about that last one for a minute; it’s a little less straightforward than the others.  Here’s an example of the effectiveness of posters from a female patient in an OB/GYN’s office. This woman was pregnant and was receiving standard prenatal care, which meant seeing the doctor at least once a month for most of her pregnancy and once a week near the end of the pregnancy. Every month when the patient came in and the nurse closed the door there was a poster about birth control options. Every month, and sometimes every week, that patient saw that poster. After her baby was born and it was time to think about birth control again she immediately thought of her OB (even though it was a prescription she could have gotten from any doctor) and returned there for further care. Decompression posters can work the same way for you. Your patients will see them and read parts of them while waiting for you. In their minds they will think ofyou as a specialist when it comes to herniated, bulging or degenerated discs.  And when other services aren’t working for them as well as they would like, instead  soliciting another health care specialist they will say, “What about decompression?  Do you think that would help me?” Great posters create repeat business. Plain and simple. How do you attract and enroll more patients? Do you find posters to be helpful in your office? Are you ready to see your spinal decompression practice take off? If so, sign-up for our FREE 30-day trial of the first module of our Decompression Pros Practice Management System 2.0 and discover the secrets of 7-figure spinal decompression clinics.

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