Have Dinner with a Doctor and Boost Your Spinal Decompression Enrollment

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Stereotypically speaking, most people believe that medical doctors and chiropractic doctors are constantly at odds. After all, most people believe that if you believe in chiropractic care you are some sort of lunatic who discounts all scientific evidence and if you are a medical doctor you believe all chiropractic care to be nothing more than snake oil. But when it comes right down to it, those stereotypes are often false. Both medical doctors and chiropractic doctors believe in healing people—and that’s what you can build on to boost your spinal decompression enrollment. Having dinner with a medical doctor can open a lot of doors for you. That networking opportunity can bring a lot of benefits:
  • Build trust between doctors
  • Get new ideas for treatments and approaches
  • Understand the other side of the coin when it comes to treatment
  • Build understanding about how to help patients heal from surgical procedures
  • Referral opportunities that could go both ways.
Medical doctors and chiropractic doctors both offer unique treatments for the same problems and building bridges between the two can be a great boon to your patients and your practice! Want to know more about how professional marketing can completely reinvent your chiropractic clinic? See our catalog for a wide variety of ready-to-go marketing tools and kits.

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