Table Review: The SpineMed Combo

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If you have ever known anyone who owned a SpineMed spinal decompression table you would know that they would never want to own any other table.  SpineMed table owners tend to be very passionate, almost fanatical about the SpineMed spinal decompression table. SpineMed has not been the most popular table ever sold.  SpineMed would most likely make up about 5% to 8% of the total spinal decompression table market.  While SpineMed is still in business the amount of brand new SpineMed tables being sold is very few. SpineMed owners love the patented SpineMed pelvic capture system as opposed to a typical harnessing system.  Doctors feel like they get a much better spinal decompression treatment with the pelvic restraint system with less slippage, more comfort and more traction force. One of the drawbacks to the pelvic restraint system is it’s difficulty in treating larger patients.  We have never had good luck capturing the iliac crests and stabilizing the pelvis on patients with a significant amount of adipose tissue.  While the pelvic restraint system may work well on normal size patients it’s not a table for clinics in areas with populations of larger patients. The final concern we have is that the SpineMed table like other tables such as the DRX9000, AccuSpina and others only allows a doctor to treat patients in a supine position.  While this may help a good percentage of patients, younger patients with true disc herniations will many times respond better when placed on their stomach and into an extended position.  For that reason we would typically not recommend a table that has only the ability to treat a patient in the supine position. All in all the SpineMed is a pretty good table with a very inflated price tag.  The cost of the table does not justify purchasing a SpineMed table especially if you are purchasing from the company.  Often times a used table can be purchased for a considerable discount and this may make it worth it if you have another table to make up for the disadvantages of the SpineMed.    Want more info on how to take your chiropractic clinic to the next level? Download our FREE report, “19 Reasons to Add Spinal Decompression to Your Practice” today! h

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