5 Tips for a STAND OUT Spinal Decompression Newspaper Ad

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Did you know that over 104 million adults read the newspaper every day? And that 61% of young people read the newspaper every week? SOURCE That’s a lot of people looking at stories and that’s a lot people looking at ads. YOUR spinal decompression ad should be one of them. When it comes to finding a solution to their neck or back pain , many people start with what they see in the newspaper. The newspaper is a natural fit for your advertising because it consistently reaches your target demographic: 50-80 years old and retired they have the time, pain and money for spinal decompression. Of course, there are already a lot of ads in the newspaper. So the question is how can you make your spinal decompression newspaper ad stand out?  Remember these five things: 1)      Write headlines that sell. Make them catchy and make them clear. Make them action-oriented. Make sure that they emphasize a problem you can solve or a benefit the customer will get from you.  An example would be “Avoid Back Surgery.”  Patients who are contemplating back surgery (who also usually make the perfect spinal decompression patient) are sure to notice this headline. 2)      Write copy that sells.  Think about your services. Think about your target market. Think about why your target market wants to use your service—and why your service is better than your competitors. You need patient testimonials, a map of your clinic, and offer, medical doctor testimonials, research references, names that patients trust (Harvard, scientist’s, Mayo Clinic etc…. Make sure all that ends up in the ad. 3)      Use a stand-out photo. This isn’t just about adding color to your ad. This is about helping the reader identify with you and your office. A photo of an older lady bent over writhing in pain is sure to get the attention of any prospective older patients who also suffer from back pain  AND you can say just as much with a photo as you could in a headline.  Photos that get the most looks are high resolution photos of the equipment or of patients feeling better and doing things they love.Remember, too, when it comes to medical advertising sex doesn’t necessarily sell.  People want to feel better, not look better. 4)      Place it perfectly.  Think about the part of the paper where your target market will spend its most time reading and put your ad there.  Spinal decompression ads should almost always go in the main section of the paper.  Not in sports, entertainment, or even the health section.  Always the main section.  Also the general rule of thumb for good ads is the bigger the better. 5)      Figure out frequency. One of the most important things to remember in advertising is that the frequency matters almost as much as the ad itself and its placement. If you only run your ad once a month people won’t remember it. But if you run it too often people will start to gloss over it.  Don’t be afraid to switch up your ad every two months to similar but different ad.   Find the right frequency to help people become familiar with your office and associate you with great care. Do you use newspaper ads? How do you make them stand-out? Share your tips in the comments! Want to know more about how professional marketing can completely reinvent your chiropractic or physical therapy clinic? See our catalog for a wide variety of ready-to-go marketing tools and kits.

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