How to Market Your Spinal Decompression Practice Affordably and Effectively

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Marketing your chiropractic or physical therapy office can be awkward. Often, it feels like you are asked to be a mind reader instead of a doctor and your marketing slogans feel more like pickup lines than expressions of your therapeutic vision. In fact, marketing can feel an awful lot like a blind date: putting yourself and your clinic out there in the hopes that someone will see your potential and enter into a long term relationship with you. This is why if you want to market your spinal decompression practice affordably and effectively, you’ve got to think like someone on a date. The good news is that the same things that make a person attractive in the dating arena are the same things that make a chiropractor attractive. When we meet someone we want to see more of it is usually because they are well groomed, intelligent, open minded and have something we are interested in. Successful businesses have marketing messages that are well-groomed and professional looking, they are intelligent, communicate an openness to the target market, and showcase something that people are interested in.  But all these things can be wrapped into two overarching concepts: personality and availability. Someone with an attractive personality who is also available is the kind of person who gets dates. A chiropractic or physical therapy office with an attractive personality and that is ready to go to work is one that gets business. Usually in marketing people think more of “branding” than “personality.” As a doctor  you’ve probably heard people talk a lot about communicating your brand or possibly re-branding based on market research. But if you think about your marketing plan as your clinic’s personality it will make it much more cohesive. A brand is something you put on so other people will look at you, but your personality is who you are and nothing will build loyalty and trust with your customers like having authenticity at the center of your clinic. To make your marketing plan  affordable and effective make sure it is addressing these questions:
  • What are my clinic’s unique strengths?
  • Why did my current patients choose to work with me?
  • What about my products/services interests my patients?
  • What do Iwant patients to think of when they see myads?
From those answers, start looking at where to put your marketing resources—whether that is the newspaper, pamphlets at the senior citizens center, or on social media sites. Remember your personality when coming up with a logo, color scheme, and ad copy. Sticking with your clinic’s personality will build loyalty and bring you new patients. How do you market your practice affordably? How do you know it’s effective?   Want to know more about how professional marketing can completely reinvent your chiropractic clinic? See our catalog for a wide variety of ready-to-go marketing tools and kits.

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