7 Must Have Marketing Pieces for Medical Doctor Referrals

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Can your spinal decompression clinic profit from more referrals? Do you have a strategy for generating more referrals? Gaining additional patients through referrals is not always easy, but we’ve found a source and a method that has proven to provide a steady stream of patient referrals. Everything you need for a professional referral system is neatly packaged in our Medical Doctor Referral Packet. Before you consider medical doctors to be an unlikely referral source to a spinal decompression practice, understand that we have put a great deal of research into developing a system that really works. Physicians themselves helped us develop the contents of the package. Those who have received the packet have been impressed, consider it highly professional and state that it does encourage their referrals. The results more than pay for the price of this customizable packet that will help you build your spinal decompression practice. Compared to the price of an ad campaign that doctors won’t pay attention to anyway, this packet represents an amazingly cost-effective way to generate ongoing traffic to your clinic. Click here to see an example of our medical doctor referral packet: http://bit.ly/1ns009p Here are the 7 critical marketing tools that we include every Medical Doctor Referral Packet, customized for you and branded for your practice. 1) The Packet Folder. This highly professional folder carries your clinic brand and organizes content in appealing and inviting manner. 2) The Cover Letter. A custom, personalized cover is designed to tell medical doctors what they want to hear—who you are, what you do, why your clinic is the best option for their patients and why they will want to refer patient to you. 3) A Clinic Brochure. A Clinic brochure provides an overview of the capabilities, treatments and techniques patients can expect from your services. 4) Your Business Card. Make sure your business card stands out and has everything a prospective patient would need to know. 5) Testimonials. You can’t have too many patient testimonials. Share your success stories with prospective patients. 6) Research Pieces. Doctors want to review research that supports spinal decompression. Add research examples in your packet as proof sources and confidence builders. 7) Referral Pads. Medical doctors have been tearing off referral pads for as long as we can remember. Provide physicians with a convenient, easy to use referral prescription pad for spinal decompression referrals and make easy as for medical doctors to have your clinic information on hand. A professional Medical Doctor Referral Packet customized just for you and branded for your clinic medical WILL generate referral to your spinal decompression practice. For examples of these 7 Medical Doctor Referrals Must Haves go to http://bit.ly/1ns009p Promote your clinic as the "Go To" clinic for medical doctors in your area. Check out our customized, branded, professional Medical Doctor Referral Packet here: http://bit.ly/1ns009p

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