Top Elements of Marketing Materials for Medical Doctor Referrals

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Not getting much of a response in your efforts to develop referrals from medical doctors? In our experience, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach medical doctors for referrals to a spinal decompression practice. Too frequently, we see efforts that don’t include the top essential elements of good marketing materials. Marketing pieces that are just thrown together simply aren’t effective. In this post, we review the essentials of good marketing materials that have proven to generate positive results. 1) Presentation. In many cases, the marketing package that you send to a medical doctor’s offices represent his or her first impression of you and your clinic. That is why it is critical that your marketing materials are highly professional in appearance, organization and comprehensiveness. 2) Personalization. Always include a cover letter that speaks directly to the recipient, addresses them personally, establishes a rapport and gives him or her a compelling reason to refer patients to you. A general, “To whom it may concern” will find a home in the round file within the first 30 seconds. 3) Practice Overview. Tell them about you and your practice in a way that resonates with your audience. If you are simply sending a brochure designed for patients, along with a business card, you are missing the target. Your practice overview needs to address the issues and concerns of a medical doctor, not a patient. Tell them what they want to hear and why your clinic should be on their list of referrals. 4) Contact Information. Contact information starts with a business card, but needs to go further. First is the business card itself. What does it say about you and your practice beside an address and a phone number? When done correctly, a business card will say a lot about your practice and why a patient would want to enroll in your program. But more information is required for effective contact information—you need to make it easy for patients to find you and easy for doctors to refer patients to you. Including a map makes it easy for patients to find you. Including a referral pad makes it easy for physicians to refer patients to you. 5) Results. It’s not just what you do, it’s what you achieve. What can medical doctors and their patients expect in terms of treatment outcomes that will influence their decision to refer and enroll? Support your results with patient testimonials, being sure to include patients representing a varied number of conditions. Support your results with research. Research speaks the doctors’ language and gives them a greater understanding of spinal decompression and greater confidence when referring patients. Taking the time to incorporate the above critical elements in you marketing materials intended to generate medical doctor referrals to your spinal decompression practice will greatly improve your success rate, grow your referral base and build your compression practice to new and profitable levels. What’s your medical doctor referral marketing strategy? Promote your clinic as the "Go To" clinic for medical doctors in your area. Check out our customized, branded, professional Medical Doctor Referral Packet here:

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