Spinal Decompression Newspaper Ads Ultimate Cheat Sheet

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Are you making a good first impression with your spinal decompression newspaper ad? Your spinal decompression newspaper ad is the first impression most prospective patients form of your clinic.  It’s an expensive spinal decompression clinic marketing tool and yet, it is seldom done effectively. This post discusses some of the elements that make a spinal decompression newspaper ad effective. Our first bit of advice is don’t attempt to write it yourself unless you have the training and experience needed to write an effective ad. Most chiropractors spend a lot of time studying their trade, so it’s doubtful that you qualify as a hotshot advertising copywriter. In other words, don’t quit your day job. Writing good ads can take years of practice and lots of trial and error. Key Elements Writing spinal decompression newspaper ads is both an art and a science.  The art part can’t be taught, but we can share some insight into the science of writing effective decompression ads.  Even when a qualified copywriter or agency develops the ad for you, look for these key components before approval. 1. Authority - You can add credibility by using authority figures to endorse decompression therapy. 2. Curiosity - A catchy headline that captures the readers’ attention. 3. Attunement - Making a connection with your audience. 4. Demographic Matching - Marketing to the right demographic. 5. Social Proof - Who says decompression works? 6. Education - Specifics about what decompression treats. 7. Visuals - Real photos work better than illustrations.  Ensure your photos are representative your audience. 8. Placement Location - Right Side placement attracts readers’ attention better than left side placement. 9. Offer – The offer is what gets them in the door. And you thought putting together an ad was easy.  It is far from easy, which is why most chiropractors don’t get the response rate they are looking for from a do-it-yourself ad.  In fact, many of the great advertising copywriters failed time and time again with ads they thought would be hits. Tracking Effectiveness How do you know if your spinal decompression newspaper ad is good or not? You test.  Every ad needs a different phone number or a different promotion code so that you can keep track of the EXACT response.  Not a general idea of the ads response rate, but an EXACT understanding.  Then you test a little more.  Once you are sick of testing, test some more. Maintaining Consistently Effective Ads Why Do Some Spinal Decompression Newspaper Ads Stop Working? Ads will eventually stagnate unless you take some serious precautions.  There are three things you are probably not doing well that are causing yours ads to pull less interest with each passing week or month. In our next blog we will cover the 3 reasons why ads stop working. How effective are your ads? If you would like an affordable, proven effective Newspaper Ad, order yours here.

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