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Acquiring new patients for your spinal decompression clinic can be tough in a competitive environment. How can you stand out from your competitors? In this post, we describe the essential elements to include in marketing collateral that will make you stand out from the competition and build your decompression practice. Give it Away FREE always has an appeal to consumers. Why not leverage the concept for engaging more potential patients? When you provide value through a free give away, you are taking the first step in establishing a relationship that you can build upon for the future. Value is the key here. Rather than sending out advertisements, we suggest you provide a comprehensive suite of educational information that will address prospective patient needs, make them feel confident in your ability to meet their needs and make your clinic their preferred choice. Educate The average person knows nothing about their condition, the risks and benefits associated with the treatment options available to them or how spinal decompression therapy can help their condition. Their lack of knowledge is one of the biggest obstacles inhibiting their decision to initiate treatment. A comprehensive package of educational materials can go a long way to help patients make an informed decision. When they are better informed, they feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to make a choice. So educate them about their condition, their option and, in particular about spinal decompression therapy. Dispel the myths and decompression and help them understand why it is a preferred therapeutic option for helping them live a pain-free life. If you make a concerted effort to educate them with the facts, you are the one identified with answering their questions, clarifying misinformation and resolving their confusion. You have earned their respect and have initiated a dialogue that is helping them understand how to meet their needs. Support Utilize all the resources at your disposal to support the fact that spinal decompression treatments work. Testimonials from patients who had conditions just like there provide a powerful source of support. Prospective patients relate to other patients and become optimistic when they learn that someone who understands their suffering found relief and is now living the life they dream of. Clinical research is a powerful proof source. When people see results of studies showing that spinal decompression therapy reduces pain, stimulates healing and produces long-term positive results, it gives them hope and encourages their decision to enroll in a program. When they see names such as The Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and other prestigious medical institutions associated with the research, they trust the results and believe. Inform Finally, inform prospective patients about you, your techniques, your protocols and processes and your results. Most people are apprehensive when it comes to health care treatment of any type. In fact, it is a primary reason that many people don’t engage in therapy sooner. They don’t know what to expect, they are afraid and they are afraid of what they might discover about their condition. Take the mystery and the anxiety out of the equation by letting them get to know you and your practice. Let them know what to expect and what they will experience. By doing so, you increase their comfort level and allay their fears. Incorporate these essential elements in you communications to increase leads and increase conversions: give it away, educate, support and inform. How do you generate new leads? Discover the conversion power of the Free Report. Grow you patient base, save time and increase profits with the Free Report. You can find it here:

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