The BEST Way to Increase Your Spinal Decompression Revenue Streams

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The famous television star and zoologist, Jim Fowler, once said, “Preserving a river or a creek can bring a lot of revenue.” Now, since he was a zoologist, he was probably talking about the environment, but his statement makes a lot of sense on a business level too. Think about it: how do you get a great amount of cash flow coming through your chiropractic or physical therapy office? The same way a large river grows; by incorporating lots of smaller streams into one great big one. When you started your spinal decompression practice you probably spent more time thinking about treating patients than about revenue streams but the fact is that nowadays you need to have multiple revenue streams to keep your practice afloat. Here are some ideas to help you identify what revenue streams might be right for your office: Selling alternate products. There might be a favorite product you regularly recommend to your patients. Consider selling it in your office.  Consider a posture pump, posture shirt, foam roll, chair support, etc. Other therapies. Consider offering massage therapy or acupuncture in your clinic. These therapies work well in concert with spinal decompression and can definitely bring in new patients as well as new revenue. Supplements. We all know that sometimes patients need to improve their health from the inside as well as through the spinal decompression process—which is why supplements are a great way for chiropractors to improve their profits. You should have a protocol specifically for spinal decompression patients.  “Mrs. Smith, to ensure the most long-lasting results you need to provide the discs with the necessary nutrients to re-hydrate, repair and maintain good disc health.  These include Glucosamine for joints, fish oil to decrease inflammation and slow the aging process, Vit D and Magnesium because most patients experiencing chronic pain are deficient in these.” You could even sell multi-packs for different populations. Other treatments. Spinal decompression is a highly successful and well-researched treatment and if it’s not part of your practice it should be. Other treatments to consider adding are things like back braces which are still covered by most major insurance companies, TENS machines and TENS garments, Kinesio tape, weight loss and neuropathy treatments.    Around the country the 3 biggest niche markets are currently cold laser for knee pain, neuropathy treatment and spinal decompression.  Not only are all three cash services but they are also cash services that patients are willing to pay for. Adding multiple revenue streams is the single best way to keep your cash flowing. If you want to be profitable and successful then you need to think outside the chiropractic box. Are you ready to see your spinal decompression practice take off? If so, sign-up for our FREE 30-day trial of the first module of our Decompression Pros Practice Management System 2.0 and discover the secrets of 7-figure spinal decompression clinics.

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