The Benefits of Buying a USED Decompression Table

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Adding spinal decompression to your chiropractic or physical therapy clinic can be a great way to generate more income and open up alternative revenue streams. However, many doctors  find the initial cost of a decompression table prohibitive.  And it can be.  When you look at the latest and greatest that spinal decompression technology has to offer the price gets pretty steep pretty quickly. That’s where used decompression tables come in.  There are so many high-quality used decompression tables available, many of which are still in very new condition,  and you have so many choices, it’s sometimes hard to understand why anyone buys them new. Here are some of the benefits of buying a used decompression table:
  • Affordable. Used is always more reasonably priced.  Often times 1/5 the cost of a new table.
  • Warranties: . Most pre-owned spinal decompression tables come with warranties.  Most come with a 30 day warranty and many can even be purchased with a 6 month or 1 year warranty.  .
  • Well-reviewed. Very few people would be willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy something they know very little about. When you buy used you can check out multiple reviews and find out how the tables really work.
  • Good Condition: Many spinal decompression tables that were purchased brand new in 2005 and 2006 are still in very good condition and are going to last many more years.  These tables were built to last.  You can pick up a pre-owned spinal decompression table for 1/5 the price that they were new.  Many of these tables are going to last another 10-15 years with good upkeep and maintenance.
Have you bought a used decompression table? What was your experience? Want more info on how to take your chiropractic clinic to the next level? Download our FREE report, “19 Reasons to Add Spinal Decompression to Your Practice” today!

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