What are Revenue Streams? (Marketing Basics for Chiropractors)

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A mighty river is usually not made up of one single source of water. In fact, that’s practically impossible in the natural environment. Likewise is practically impossible for your chiropractic clinic to be successful and healthy when you only have one stream of income. You actually need multiple small streams to build a larger river of cash flow. So how can you build multiple revenue streams? Try one of these ideas: 1)      Sell complimentary products. Many chiropractors have a favorite set of cleansing products or healthy living products. Consider offering products you love in your clinic at a mark-up. 2)      Offer other services. The first that most chiropractors jump to is massage therapy. Consider partnering with a massage therapist and see if you can leverage both your businesses into one large one. 3)      Consider becoming a speaker. Many religious groups, civic groups and fitness centers like to have speakers come and talk about physical health and rehabilitation. Consider offering yourself as an expert resource for those businesses. Do you have alternate revenue streams for your chiropractic marketing? Want to know more about how professional marketing can completely reinvent your chiropractic clinic? See our catalog for a wide variety of ready-to-go marketing tools and kits.

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