Using Research to Market Your Clinic

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Spinal decompression candidates aren’t always an easy sell. In fact, many are reluctant, afraid or just highly skeptical. All of the above patient types share one common characteristic. They don’t know the facts about spinal decompression. How you use research as a marketing tool in your clinic can be a powerful tool for turning the hard-to-sell candidate into a willing, eager patient. Here are some ways to use research as a deal maker. 1. Get Objective with Your Use of Research It is one thing to drop research results during a conversation; it is another to use it to target a specific reason they may have about enrolling in treatment. Try this method. Start by compiling a list of questions, concerns and resistance you and your staff have experienced when interacting with patients. Correlate research findings that correspond to the patient resistances. Summarize the results and display them prominently in your clinic. The following is an example. SPINAL DECOMPRESSION TREATMENT RESEARCH FINDINGS Effective: successful in up to 86% of patients with disc-related injury Treats the problem that is causing the pain: o Promotes the retraction of herniation into the disc, reducing pain and correcting the problem o Increases fluid and 02 flow to help the healing process o Promotes fibro elastic activity which stimulates repair and inhibits irritant leakage Duration: Positive results for up to 4 years Patient Satisfaction: 90% of spinal decompression patients would recommend it to others 2. Use Research as Support During Patient Consultations If a candidate is does not overtly state their concern, probe to determine if they have any questions or concerns that are preventing them from enrolling in the program. Acknowledge the resistance by mentioning that you have had several patients express the same concern who are now experiencing a pain-free lifestyle and ask if sharing with them the results of a clinical study would help them feel more comfortable. Present the information to the candidate in layman’s terms and ensure they understand it. Offer to provide them with a study reprint (with highlighted points). 3. Educate Your Staff on Current Research Findings When all staff within the clinic become informed and repeat the same story to support spinal decompression therapy as the treatment of choice, patients will feel far more confident in their decision to enroll in the program. 4. Incorporate Research into Marketing Materials Emails, letters, ads, your web site--virtually any marketing vehicle is an ideal place to include quotes or summaries from studies. The fact that there are a lot of well-respected, commonly known names associated with some of the spinal decompression therapy supports the cause even more. When prospective patients see names like the Mayo Clinic, Stanford and Johns Hopkins, they are not only impressed, but the also trust the data. Research is a power tool for gaining more clients when you become objective about its use, incorporate it into consultations, ensure your staff are up to date and spreading the word and you incorporate it into your marketing materials. How do you use research to market your practice? To access examples of the powerful research articles we use on a daily basis to convert even the toughest of patients, go to

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