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Would you like to convert more prospects into ongoing patients? Are you becoming frustrated with the resistance from skeptical prospects? One of the more effective tools for converting more patient prospects available to you is the FREE REPORT. The Free Report is a simple, concise compilation of information about spinal decompression designed specifically for patients. It is a compelling, yet easy to understand report that can be an invaluable asset in your practice. In this post, we’ll describe the Free Report, how it benefits you and your practice and how to make it work for you. What’s in the Free Report? This report is stocked full of valuable information related to spinal decompression therapy. After a quick and simple read, patients will be well informed and more ready to make a commitment to treatment. Take a look at all these materials. It would take you forever to compile this much useful and relevant data into one professionally presented report. • Educational materials about spinal conditions • Educational materials about treatment options • Educational materials about spinal decompression therapy • Summary of research related to spinal decompression therapy • Physician testimonials • Patient testimonials • Information about your practice • Reasons to choose your clinic as the spinal decompression clinic of choice What’s in it for You? Once you begin realizing the benefits of using the Free Report, you’ll wish you had started using it a long time ago. Look at the advantages you gain. • You convert prospective patients more quickly • You disarm the skeptics and naysayers, provide them with credible proof and win them over • You grow your practice faster • You save loads of time during patient consultation sessions • Your patients adhere to treatment better How to Make the Free Report Work for You Used appropriately, the Free Report will become an excellent tool for growing your spinal decompression practice. Here are tips on using it effectively. Lead generation Require registration before making the Free Report available. However you make the Free Report available—as a download from your Internet site, an office takeaway or a direct mail piece, collect contact information and information about the prospects’ conditions before releasing it. You have just created yourself a powerful lead-generation database with specific individual patient profiles. Follow Up Now that you have a number of leads with specific patient profiles, you can follow up with emails, phone calls or direct mail targeted to the individual’s unique needs. Nothing makes follow up more powerful than personalized messages that communicate that you understand, you care and you are here to help. You can send additional information related to their situation and updates such a recent testimonials and current literature to keep them engaged and thinking of your clinic. Conversion Every time you communicate with a prospect, invite them to schedule an appointment. Suggest some times. Describe what else they will learn during their consultative session and describe the benefits others, just like them, have realized as a result of living a pain-free life. What’s your patient prospect conversion rate? Discover the conversion power of the Free Report. Grow you patient base, save time and increase profits with the Free Report. You can find it here:

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